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An enthusiastic storyteller/game designer with
vast experience in film, games and TV.

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Writing samples:



"I really enjoyed working with Artur on Goldbergs: Back To The 80s. His boundless enthusiasm is infectious and his work ethic is inspiring. His creativity and willingness to explore new ideas made brainstorming meetings for our story pitches not only productive but fun, which gave the project a big boost in an area where it was desperately needed at the time. I look forward to our paths crossing again."

Ed Kuehnel - Narrative Director at Mobile Game Doctor


"Artur is great with ideas. He knows how to work as a team and respects everyone's opinions. He's a great screenwriter and is always open to adapting stories according to other departments' necessities or limitations."

Andressa Nowasyk - Production Manager at Hype Animation


"I had the pleasure to work with Arthur for a few months on "The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s". He enthusiasm was very unique and rare to find, and he managed to learn and delivery solid pitches, outlines, and scripts for the game, even without a previous background on the TV series. He has great communication skills and it's very passionate about his work. I definitely would like to work together with him again in the future"

Fernando Nascimento - Producer at Lumen Games


Artur brings with him three wonderful qualities: a natural talent for writing, a keen ear for feedback, and a burning passion to create that will inspire your entire team. You will see the spirit of your fellow team members lifted just from Artur’s presence alone. He’s a phenomenal game writer and a fine addition to any project.

Oscar Gilmour - Video Game Writer at Nanobit


"Given the scheduling challenges on a recent 2D animation project, I was very grateful to have Artur Costa on our pre-production team. Artur had a sensible way of communicating and providing visual reference to guide the storyboard artists and animators through revisions. He served a leadership role as the batch of children’s music videos moved with efficient rhythm through our intercontinental pipeline. Always mindful of the storytelling in the scene, Artur offered practical suggestions that provoked the creativity of his collaborators. Colleagues will benefit from Artur’s production expertise and his engaging sense of humor."

Caroline Malano - Animation Producer at Lion Forge Animation


I had the pleasure to study and work with Artur for a few years and witness his career unfolding. We worked together on many university projects, including the final short animation for our graduation. We also briefly worked together as game designers at Ilusis Interactive Graphics where Artur certainly left his mark in some very memorable projects when the mobile game market was blooming. Since then it was very obvious the passion he put in his work, every day coming to us with a new idea or draft of a new screenplay. The most satisfying part is seeying many of those old drafts coming to life now in the form of amazing productions led by Artur. I can easily say that he's the most competent, dedicated and professional screenwriter I know and I can't wait to see what's the next wonder he will present us.

Luis Henrique Mesquita - 3D Artist at Design:Lab

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