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About me


Artur Costa

Every story beat needs a connection to make the whole picture believable (and fantastic!). At least, this is how I love to approach narrative in animation and games! From silly quests to complex, layered stories. Do you agree?


AUG 2023 -


Lead Content Designer - Highstreet (VR MMO)

* Coordinate the narrative department as owning the process from planning tasks to
implementing in engine.
* Work alongside the Open World Designer on worldbuilding.
* Lead the quest development efforts for the MMO.
* Collaborate with writers and NDs to create compelling dialogue.
* Participate in team management meetings to facilitate coordination across studio projects.

JAN 2023 -

JUL 2023

Lead Game Designer - Highstreet (VR MMO)

* Oversee the development of the core mechanics and overall experiences of the MMO.
* Coordinate the narrative development for the game (game writing, worldbuilding and character development).
* Assist in the planning of content and feature scopes for the game and other experiences.
* Engage with team management meetings to help coordinate the studio projects.
* Manage the game design team, planning tasks, deliverables and deadlines.

OUT 2022 -


Senior Game Designer - Highstreet (VR MMO)

* Help develop the core mechanics and overall experiences.
* Assist in the planning of content scopes for future releases.
* Manage part of the game design team, planning tasks, deliverables and deadlines.
* Coordinate the narrative development for the game.
* Assists in the planning and follow-up of the mechanics and systems prototype efforts.

FEB 2022 -

OUT 2022

Content Designer - Highstreet (VR MMO)

I'm responsible for developing the quests for their MMO title, from the flow structure to the dialogues and implementation text. I also work on updating and improving the current lore for the universe, creating NPC characters, worldbuilding, etc.

Another aspect of my work is helping the game design team develop the features (social and micro experiences, among others).

NOV 2021 -

MAR 2022

Lead Narrative Designer - Gamestacy

I'm leading the narrative design team to develop a branching narrative story for the game "Influenzer," creating the characters, choices, dialogues, etc.

We're also developing a procedural narrative system to be implemented on the platform that is been designed by the company.

JAN 2020 - 

AUG 2021

Lead Writer - Patada! Studio

I was responsible for building the characters, main plot, and the general narrative of the game. Some of my responsibilities consisted in creating quests, characters barks, and almost all the written content of the game.

JAN 2018 - 

MAY 2021

Screenwriter / Co-Director - Immagini Animation Studios

- Creator, Screenwriter, and Co-director of the animated feature film: "Chef Jack, The Adventurer Cooker", the project was approved by the CODEMIG Production Program, release date: 2022.
- Screenwriter of the T.V. Show: "Caju e Malu", project approved by the PRODAV 5, ANCINE Development Program.
- Screenwriter of the animated short film: "A Zeropéia", the project was distributed to the channel NOW - NET and the channel ZooMoo.
- Screenwriter of the interprograms: "Save me with you can!", in production.

NOV 2020 - 

MAR 2021

Game Writer - Lumen Games

Game Writer for one of the games coproduced by Lumen Games with Mobile Game Doctor, "Goldbergs - Back to the 80's".

I wrote new ideas (pitches) for episodes and events, first drafts for outlines, and scripted a few episodes.

OCT 2020 - 

APR 2021

Associate Executive Producer and Story Supervisor - Blu Studio

I worked managing art teams to help Bluna TV with a few projects.
- Storyboard and Animatic for 3 episodes - The Power of We - Sesame Street YouTube Channel - 2021.
- Rhymes Through Times - Mini-series - Storyboard/Animatic/Animation Supervision for Noggin/Nick Jr.
- Layout for 11minutes pilot - Unannounced- BG concepts for a pitch bible, Sea Sorceress.

JUL 2015 - 

DEC 2020

Co-Funder and Director - Ciclus Video Content

I co-founded and directed "Ciclus", a marketing company specialized in creating video content for online platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, based on the concept of Inbound Marketing.

OCT 2015 - 

JAN 2017

Screenwriting Teacher - Federal University of Minas Gerais

- Teacher of the course: "Screenwriting for Short Films - Theory and Practice".


JUL 2021 - 

OCT 2021

The Narrative Department - Susan O' Connor

A course/workshop aimed to train writers for the gaming industry taught by Susan O' Connor (Far Cry 2, Bioshock, Tomb Raider).

2015 - 2017

Master in Cinema - Federal University of Minas Gerais

Master in Cinema on Federal University of Minas Gerais (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - UFMG), with the theme: "Hook, Cliffhanger and their applications in the serial narrative".

2010 - 2015

Bachelor in Animation and Digital Arts - Federal University of Minas Gerais

A five years bachelor focused on Animation.

JAN 2013

8 Week Screenwriting Course - New York Film Academy

An intense workshop where we had several classes about the subject and also wrote a feature film.

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